William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) Fence and Communications Enhancements

Houston, TX

TSC provided project management, civil engineering design services, and topographic surveying services for the demolition of old hangars; the removal of approximately 25,000 linear feet of existing six-foot perimeter fence; installation of approximately 55,000 linear feet of new eight-foot security fencing complete with access controlled gates and turnstiles; electrical power distribution additions; area lighting additions and modifications, conversion of designated fiber conduits to encased duct banks; and the replacement of all existing cameras and card readers at new locations. For land surveying, TSC used the same coordinate system that HAS uses, enabling the data collected and the maps produced by TSC to interface with the HAS GIS system.


George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Expansion Roadways and Garage

Houston, TX

TSC provided civil engineering design of all roadways and ramps for the International Services Expansion Program (ISEP). Roadway design includes North Terminal Road to serve Terminal D and the new Federal Inspection Services Building (FIS); Passenger Pick-up/Drop-off Ramps; parking garage; parking modification at Terminal B to serve the new Automated People Mover (APM) Maintenance Facility; and complete utility and roadway design along South Terminal Road to serve new Continental Airlines Terminal E. Work also includes construction phasing of all roadways and ISEP improvements for the $1.0 billion plus project.


George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Central Plant Upgrades

Houston, TX

TSC provided civil site design and surveying for the expansion of the Central Plant. Work includes civil site improvements to buildings, utilities and roadways in Central Plant/U.S. Post Office area. Work also includes design of approximately 4,000 L.F. of dual 30” diameter steel pressure flow, chilled cooling water mains along northbound J.F.K. Blvd., from the Central Plant to Terminal C. Work also included civil site modifications to water, sanitary, drainage facilities, roadway/parking modifications, demolition plans, restoration plans, site grading, landscaping, signage and striping.


George Bush Intercontinental Airport C-Link Addition

Houston, TX

TSC provided civil site utility, roadway and parking area improvements for the expansion of the “C” concourse between Terminal C and Terminal D (C-Link Expansion). Work included relocation of water, sanitary, drainage, telephone, electricity and gas mains to allow for the expansion and construction of the new concourse. Redesign of the adjacent limousine parking lot had to mesh with architectural plans and allow for minimal disruption of airline and passenger service as well as roadway and parking construction phasing with no impact on the operation of Terminal D and its service roads.


Ellington Field (EFD) Runway 17R-35L and Taxiway E Rehabilitation

Houston, TX

This project required pavement evaluation, fault zone analysis and rehabilitation design for Runway 17R-35L. In addition to the pavement rehabilitation, extensive fencing and gates were relocated, installed or removed, building pads demolished, an electrical and drainage culvert rehabilitation program and an investigation of the two BAK 12/14 arrestor barriers on 17R 35L was included in the project. The electrical portion included the rehabilitation of the 17R 35L edge lighting system, installation of centerline and Touchdown Zone (TDZ) lights along 17R 35L, vault, regulator and backup generator improvements, and control panel adjustments. The drainage investigation included the structural and capacity analysis of the culverts beneath the connector taxiways between Taxiway H and Runway 17R 35L.


Holcombe Square Civic Plaza Design

Houston, TX

This project’s purpose is to transform the area around the Medical Center into a transit/pedestrian-oriented area to foster changes in development and transportation patterns. TSC’s involvement in this project includes participation in the communication strategy by assisting in public outreach efforts, performing a traffic study, generating plans for roadway improvements and signalization, assisting with the streetscape design plan including signage, transit amenities, and right-of-way improvements, and conducting feasibility studies for roadway and traffic constraints.


City of Houston Parks Capital Improvements Project

Houston, TX

This project involves the preparation of Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) for the capital upgrade of 15 parks throughout the City of Houston. Design tasks include parking lot design and layout, detailed grading, drainage analysis and hydraulic design, signing and striping, traffic control plans, temporary and permanent erosion control, demolition plans, specifications and cost estimates, in addition to permitting through the Harris County Flood Control District, TxDOT, and the City of Houston