Land Development

Houston, TX

TSC Engineering Company's task included preparation of a topographic and tree surveies, site plans, including street, drainage and utility requirements and order of magnitude estimate for each. TSC also developed a conceptual design of preferred massing concept for the site plan and a construction estimate for all civil tasks associated with the project. TSC provided the Architect with a Work Plan which included a description of planned activities, a schedule with milestones, manpower projections, estimates of cost and a list of deliverables. TSC managed the Civil Design efforts/task of the project and complied with and incorporated into the applicable design products and related data, all review comments and subsequent design instructions provided to TSC by the METRO Project Manager.


University of Houston Renovation & Expansion

Houston, TX

This project features 175,000 SF of new construction and 113,000 SF of renovation to the existing building. TSC provided utility research, prepared a civil site plan, grading and drainage plan, and civil demolition plan of the construction area, provided storm sewer calculations, and provided detention facility calculations, as well as plan and profile drawings for the sanitary sewer tie-in. TSC also provided topographic surveying and control services.


University of Houston Renovations

Houston, TX

TSC provided civil engineering design for site improvements and utility adjustments for the expansion of the stadium.This project includes new 8” water lines and four fire hydrants, 8” to 12” sanitary sewers, an automatic pumping station and 20” outfall for storm drainage, as well as coordination with Entex (CenterPoint) for new gas service to the stadium.


University of Houston Track and Soccer Field

Houston, TX

This project featured the design of a 400-meter running track with a soccer field inside and a standard NCAA softball field. The track and field was designed to be suitable for college level competition and Olympic practicing and to conform to NCAA and IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation) rules, regulations and specifications. The work included all existing underground utility relocations, site work, and paving. It also included the design of all in-ground equipment and facilities, the sub-drainage system for the track and soccer field, an irrigation system for the soccer field, 2,500 seat bleacher foundations, a 90-ft. tall high mast light pole foundation, and parking lot designs for relocated parking. The project included selecting qualified equipment suppliers, as well.


University of Houston Athletic/Alumni Facility

Houston, TX

TSC provided professional engineering design, NPDES permitting, civil/site work, parking, paving and drainage, comprehensive surveying, technical specifications and construction phase services on this project with Hines Interests and Kendall-Heaton Architects.


University of Houston Jesse H. Jones Downtown Student Life Center

Houston, TX

TSC designed sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and waterline utility lines. TSC was also responsible for paving and drainage on the project. Design coordination with TxDOT and the University of Houston, City of Houston and numerous utility companies was required. To meet the client’s operations, budgetary and quality objectives for this project, TSC also provided a site assessment, utility investigation, surveying, permitting, coordination with the City of Houston and construction phasing and scheduling.


University of Houston Downtown Academic Student Services Building

Houston, TX

TSC designed the sanitary sewer, storm sewer, waterline, and utility lines. TSC was also responsible for paving and drainage on the project. The building is eight stories and the parking garage is two stories. Design coordination was required with Southern Pacific Railroad.


Monument and Sesquicentennial Park

Houston, TX

TSC provided all of the civil engineering and surveying for the site at the corner of Bagby and Franklin featuring a $1.7 million monument honoring the nation's 41st president. TSC's scope included the preparation of a site layout plan showing location and geometric information and a site grading plan showing spot elevations and general contouring of the site. The monument features an eight-foot, 650-pound bronze sculpture of the former president and a semicircular wall of four base-reliefs that depict President Bush in different settings of his life.